2012: Travel Scholarship – The Netherlands

In 2012, I was awarded the The Devon and Cornwall Traveling Scholarship by Cornwall Architectural Trust, The Exeter Society of Architects and Plymouth Architectural Trust for my proposal to visit the Netherlands to research the scaled relationship between water, landscape, street and house. In December 2012, I presented the the outcome of the trip as part of the PADS (Plymouth Architecture and Design Society) evening lecture series.

View full presentation here: 00 Netherlands presentation

Some photos…
Netherlands presentation_Page_01

Netherlands presentation_Page_03Netherlands presentation_Page_06

Netherlands presentation_Page_10Netherlands presentation_Page_13 Netherlands presentation_Page_15

Netherlands presentation_Page_17

Netherlands presentation_Page_18Netherlands presentation_Page_26 Netherlands presentation_Page_28

Netherlands presentation_Page_29Netherlands presentation_Page_35 Netherlands presentation_Page_36 Netherlands presentation_Page_38 Netherlands presentation_Page_44

Netherlands presentation_Page_50 Netherlands presentation_Page_51 Netherlands presentation_Page_57 Netherlands presentation_Page_58 Netherlands presentation_Page_61Netherlands presentation_Page_70 Netherlands presentation_Page_72

Netherlands presentation_Page_78 Netherlands presentation_Page_81

Netherlands presentation_Page_83 Netherlands presentation_Page_84 Netherlands presentation_Page_85


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