2010: EVOLVING PLACE _ BA yr 3 Dissertation

evolving place cover


place and place_making [traditional modes of thought] _ romance of place and home [Heidegger] _ suspicion of nomadism [heimat] _ post-industrial revolution ‘escape from place’_ socio-political place defined by activities _ pursuit of ‘identity-place’/happiness _ schizophrenia as meta-physical nomadism _ is internet a place? _ ‘meta-state’ of facebook _ flashmob and hybrid space _ internet meta-places_ embodiment and emotional construction of place _ presencing: Lefebvre [third-spaces] and Foucault [other places/utopias] _ trust and distance _ internet merges multiple identities_ internet reveals virtuality_ augmented reality _ virtuality and reality [Deleuze] _ Collective memory and imagination in construction of place _ construction of realities/virtualities: Leibniz & monadology; Latour & Actor Network Theory; Baudrillard & Hyper-reality _ New-Urbanism as hyper-reality _ de Certeau and spatial narratives_ Lefebvre and spatio-temporal rhythms _ Urban Diary Project _ rituals and routines as stabiliser _ collective narrative of city [Barthes] _ place-making as subjective and collective palimpsest.

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