inFiltrating the City

Building Proposition in Coxside, Plymouth stemming from the Go Fish! Urban Strategy.

inFiltrating the City places focus on the ubiquity of hydrological systems whereby water is infinitely recirculated through Aquaponic Systems and Constructed Wetlands with the aim of making apparent the delicate nature of water management and resources, and to preserve the integrity of the hydrological cycle.

These biotic metabolisms form the basis for research into sustainable urban food systems, as well as benefitting local communities and visitors through education, training and availability of locally produced food. The building places itself within an Abiotic Metabolism through the use of reclaimed materials and de-constructable construction.

A wider masterplan and landscape strategy aims to re-occupy Coxside; link disparate events around Sutton Harbour; reveal Coxside’s rich industrial heritage; appropriate voids for urban food production; and through the process of rural sprawl, build links between Sutton Harbour, Plymouth and Dartmoor.

Design Strategy Booklet

Technical Strategy Booklet

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