Devonport Market

Hearth + Bath @ Devonport Market, 2009

The market building in Devonport has been left unused and isolated from its community. The brief was to analyse the context and, in the style of an ideas competition, develop and present a proposition for re-use of the existing building.

The first stage of the project was site and contextual analysis. This part of the project was completed with fellow students, Kostas Ipeirotis and Stephanos Spirakis.

1 group context analysisdevonport site response2

The second (individual) part of the project is entitled: Hearth & Bath. My proposal is a spa and community therapy centre with a new build swimming pool. Water is harvested from surrounded roof tops and streets and drained through reed beds into the Tamar Estuary. It is envisaged that this could act as a catalyst to revitalise Devonport as a green space within the city of Plymouth.

2 concept ideas


3 Interior Proposal

4 context strategy


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